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This page is about "Camp Collie" a temporary shelter set up in Shelby, Montana to aid over 170 Collie dogs and about 10 cats when US Customs discovered them nearly dead in a filthy truck trailer attempting to cross into the United States from Canada. The "owners" were from Alaska and said they were heading to Arizona with the animals. The below photos show the dogs after they were well fed, had a lot of medical treatment and cleaned up, which in its self was a huge, dirty and smelly job. Caring for the animals took a small army of volunteers on a 24 hour basis for many months and in all weather conditions. Not to mention the security guards. The dogs and cats spent most of that time in Shelby but were later moved to Great Falls, Montana. That again took a huge effort as they traveled the 83 miles in a convoy of trucks and trailers escorted by police cars.

All of the Alaskan Collies have now been adopted with most of them staying in Montana. Newz Blast would like to thank everyone that worked all those months to help these little guys and gals and let's not forget all the great cats that received first class care ...

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Nov. 4th, 2002
Many area volunteers are seen below feeding, watering, walking and giving general care to the over 170 dogs. The last photo shows the semi truck trailer that the dogs traveled from Alaska in. This trailer was so filthy that it took volunteers many hours, using a high pressure steam cleaner, to even start making a dent on the mess. Most of the dogs are Collie, very friendly and loving. A few dogs have had to be housed in a separate building due to fights, but even these animals seem only to be acting so aggressive due to the ordeal of the trip. There is also aprox. 10 cats, some newborn puppies and other older puppies from this truck trailer that are being housed at the Toole County Search and Rescue building. You can call the Humane Society of Cascade County at +406-454-2276 or visit the shelter at 1010 25th Ave. NE Great Falls, Montana. There is at this date, no such help in Toole county or many other areas of Montana. They are only in Shelby by special request and can only do so much while here. Call them to see what can be done to change that and most of all, volunteer when needed and send good and frequent donations. Also, contact your local animal shelter and have them contact Newz Blast. We will post a free link or phone number on these pages for them. Contact Newz Blast to help us help animals.
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Laws On Animal Cruelty
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"Click Here To Go To AWCA, American Working Collie Association"
These people helped us in Shelby with Camp Collie supplies. There are great photos of Collies at their web site.


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