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March 26th-
What looks like farms threatened by fires are actually the intentional Spring burning of areas that could flare up later in the year when dry conditions would help ignite truely damaging fires. Many area farms have been doing this burning recently.
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Nov. 14th-
"The Crossing" A Matter Of Safety...
How safe are we in northern Monatna? A common question, that can generally be answered as "I feel quite safe." How about a local crossing of two well traveled roads? The two roads are the I-15 frontage road and highway 44 to Valier. There is little present at this busy intersection to alert motorists of the danger. Two small stop signs, some grooves cut in the frontage road and two white crosses, pictured below... This is an area frequented by international tourists as well as the many locals.
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Oct. 31st-
Two local residents share the Halloween fun with the rather large blow up diplay pictured below.
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Oct. 16th-
Malmstrom AFB's fire rescue team payed Conrad a short visit today. This unit is called out in Air Force emergencies and they also help train other fire rescue teams.
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Sept. 18th-
NBMC caught these City of Conrad workers out freshening up the crosswalk paint on Main Street. At first they looked at us funny, but when we said "News Media" one, "got busy" behind the pickup and the other, posed by it... Some like the limelight and others...
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Aug. 7th-
Some washed up cows hang out at farm... The two "washcows" below welcome folks to a farm five miles south of Conrad.
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Aug. 5th-
The Feds come to town riding the rails. The unusual machine pictured below is staffed with federal railroad inspectors and their equipment. The United States Dept. of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Safety Administration use it to inspect the nation's railroad tracks. It was going fairly fast and we only had time to snap some very quick photos.
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The newly remodeled Roxy Cinema at 189 Main St. Shelby, Montana welcomes you to the latest and finest motion pictures Hollywood has to offer. Featuring, a new and powerful sound system, you can enjoy all of your favorite snacks and beverages in clean and comfortable surroundings.
Movies are shown at 4, 7 and 9 pm seven days a week. Call them any time at 434-2181 to hear a recorded list of current movies.

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