Conrad, Montana
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Jan. 9th
The new 1st Liberty Credit Union building is getting closer to being finished. This rather compact building is being built at the north end of Main Street. Pictured below, the roofing material is being applied.
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Dec. 21st
Newz Blast plans to cover some Conrad history from the famous Conrad family to great buildings like below. If you want to add to this list just contact us at and we will include your entry.
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Dec. 17th
Work on restoring the Orpheum continues. As much as is possible, historic details are being restored as part of the project. Some however, are in such poor condition that they can not be saved. One such detail is the painted trim below. The paint and the plaster was damaged years ago by a wall covering. This detail could be replicated later to give the building some of it's former glory.
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Nov. 30th
The new museum for Conrad is moving ahead. With volunteer effort the building that will house the museum has received a new roof which cost over thirty thousand dollars and is now getting a new heating system. Work has also been done on the restrooms and office area.
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Nov. 15th
     There is still time to see the traveling exhibit of historic photos showing the Montana State Capital building. They are on display at the Pondera County Courthouse. This exhibit, from the Montana Historical Society, displays how the capital building has evolved through many renovations and restorations. The photo below, shows just a very small sample from the exhibit of over 30 displayed items which includes the many photos. These items fill the Pondera Courthouse stairway.
     This year is the 100th anniversary of the Montana State Capital building and is the dedication year for the latest and most extensive restoration of the building. The crowning highlight of this restoration was the reinstallation of the art glass barrel vault above the grand staircase, next to the rotunda. At least one photo in the exhibit shows this art glass install.
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