Rocky Mountain Quilt Display

-Display Shelf At Top-
-1" X 7/8" Maple Rod To Securely Hold The Quilt-
-Richly Finished With Custom Hand Carved Design-
-Signed Editon, By Michael Brown-
-Four Feet Long-

Rocky Mountain Quilt Display

Sweetgrass Quilt Display

-Same As Above But Includes A Carving Of
The Famous Sweetgrass Hills Of Northern Montana & Is Three Feet Long-

Sweetgrass Quilt Display

Oak Hutch
-Solid Oak With A Poplar Back-
-Two Piece Unit For Easy Relocation-
-Aprox. Six Feet High-

The Feather Box
A native tradition inspires this unique accent.
In the southwest of the United States peoples have long had
a feather box to store the sacred feather.

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