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Don't Tie Me Up If You Love Me!!!

My name is Tally Cat... Now I have a great new home and want to help other animals in need of the same thing. Even dumb birds... Look below to see all of my friends that would love to come and share their life with you.
See ya soon...
Paw printed,

I swear this cat is trying to frame me... Just look at the horrible photo of me that he is using... I rest my case! I am a great looking guy and he makes me look like a convict! Well, anyway, I am a little over 6 mos. old and my new family can take me right home. Just call 406-434-5222 and see what a cool guy I really am...
Ruffus the dog
Wow! I've been adopted... I've been adopted... I've been adopted... Thank you everyone...

Hey You,
My name is Angel, need I say more? I am the sweetest gal this side of the Marias River... I am just a year and one half old and good as gold. Wow! I'm a poet!
My number? Sure, you can have my number... 406-434-5222
Hey Ruffus, someone said I get to go home with them tooo.... Isn't the Internet and computers wonderful, just wonderful...
Bye Ruffus, you are a great guy...

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I love kittens, don't you? Well, here's some great ways to get one. Check out our free listings below by pet owners needing to find good homes for their kittens/cats. Wish I had a photos for all of them so you could see how adorable they are but I lost some on my messy desk... In north-central Montana you can also call 406-434-5222 to learn more and to adopt. These kids are great, makes me wish I was a kitten again.
Tally Cat

P. S. Also, check out Kitty Keepers below, they have nearly 200 super cats at their "No Kill" shelter... Plus, be sure to spend some quality time at the other links below.

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Animal News
US House Votes To Ban
Horse Slaughter For Food
09/07/2006 Updated

Las Vegas, NV
Neutering to replace practice of euthanizing wild cats

Cut Bank, Montana Pets To Adopt

More Montana Pets
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Kitty Keepers
Great Folks W/Dozens Of
Loving Cats To Adopt Out...

Parrot Rescue & Adoption
Finding homes for the
homeless pets... Like
your home...

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Doris Day Animal Website
Film Star, Doris Day

Companion Pet Center
"Always The Best For Your Companion"
Unique Pet Items
That Will Make Your
Pet Smile All Day!

The Love Of An Aussie
The Australian Shepherd
Lynn Chase story and breed info.

Lynn Chase and 6 year old Sufi

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