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--- Your Privacy Online at Newz Blast ---

-- Technical Issues --

1. We do not use "Cookies". That said, if you
choose to shop at our Shopping Center,
The Kostman Centre,
some outside merchants do use cookies
as part of their shopping cart system.
These are limited cookies for shopping
only. Most, if not all, of those cookies expire
when you end a shopping session. The only
other time that you may encounter cookies
at NBMC is if you access our "Blog Included"
pages. These pages have third party cookies, that
is, non-NBMC cookies from which
is a Google owned company. For best privacy at
NBMC or anywhere on the Internet, see our
Cookie Help Page
to see how to wisely use cookies and how to
set your browser for more privacy protection.
We include simple but detailed info for setting up
Internet Explorer 6+, Netscape 8+, Opera 8+ and
Mozilla Firefox 1.5+. We strongly support
privacy on and off the Internet...

2. We do not automatically collect any private
information. We only log "site traffic" statistics
which give no personally identifiable information.

3. We do not collect any information from or
transact business with children under 13 years of age.


--- E-mail ---

We do not ever request that you send us any
 private or personally identifiable information in
the form of E-mail. We have no control of your
E-mailed messages, as they travel to us. Since it is
widely known that there is no privacy or security
with general unencrypted E-mail, Newz Blast
does not accept E-mail sent from you to us
which contains private or personally identifiable
information. Please take note of this when
sending us an E-mail.


--- Treatment of Information Submitted ---

With one exception, we never sell, trade, give out,
or in any other way share personal information that
you submit to us at this online site. The exception
is when you submit news, by any means, and in any
form to us or our staff. By submitting news; by any
means, and in any form, including talking to any of
us or our staff, you are considered to have expressed
a wish, and intent to completely release that information
to us. We will then process that news information in
the normal course of our news publishing business.

-- Information released to Government and Law Enforcement --

The only release of any other non-news "private" information
from us would be by due process of law and then only to the
appropriate and required entities.


--- Online Sales & Other Financial Transactions ---

All online sales and all other online financial transactons
at Newz are conducted through and by a third party
service provider. This third party service provider is Pay Pal*,
an eBay** company. Pay Pal and their parent company, eBay
are completely independent business entities from Newz Blast
and their online operations are their own responsibility. If you
choose to use their third party services, disclose information to
this or to any other third party service provider, and/or grant
them permission to collect information about you, then their
use of your information is governed by their privacy policy.
We do not disclose your personal information to any third
party service provider. For your convenience, we have
included a web link to Pay Pal below.

"Pay Pal at"

*Pay Pal is a registered trade mark of Pay Pal, an eBay co.
**eBay is a registered trade mark of the eBay co.


--- Newz Blast's Online Policies ---

We do not collect any information from or transact
business with children under 13 years of age. We also
do not transact business with anyone under 18 years of
age. Anyone seeking to transact with us that has not
reached the age of 18 years may not do so. By
initiating any business transaction with us you hearby
declare that you have at least reached 18 years of age.

As a member of the press, residing in, and
collecting our news in the United States of America,
Newz Blast Media Company looks to the
Constitution of the United States of America, and to
the Constitutions of the States where we collect
our news for our guidance. In so doing, we seek
a balance between news stories and the personal
rights of others. Thus, it is never our policy, or
intent to infringe on anyone's rights, including
that of privacy, when we are gathering, reporting,
and publishing the news.

Our affiliates and contractors in Europe and other
parts of the world, look to their national and local
governments for guidance in the laws thereof. They
also hold to the same high standards mentioned in the
above paragraph.

Thank You
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