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NBMC Shelby, Montana: On The Road Training Camp

Sunday, September 10, 2006

On The Road Training Camp

Today NBMC had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Lynn Chase at the ball park of the old Meadowlark School. Lynn is traveling with her two dogs from Seattle, Washington, where she makes her home, to the Australian Shepherd National Championship dog competition at West Bend, Wisconsin. Lynn also travels in her SUV with all that's needed for an on the road training camp for her dogs. When we met Lynn, her and the dogs were using the traveling training camp material to it's fullest. The first and most experienced dog, a six year old named Sufi, put on a great show for us and all those passing by. He practiced running in line, sitting and jumping hurdles with just quick voice and hand/arm commands. Next, it was time for two year old Bran to show his stuff. His routine was like that of Sufi's but Bran will train at least two more years before being able to do all that Sufi can. Both dogs are Australian Shepherds and are trained to compete by Lynn and her husband. They have been involved in this type of training for five years. The organization for the dog competition is through the Australian Shepherd Club of America.
NBMC Photos
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Lynn and 6 year old Sufi

Sufi jumping

Lynn and 2 year old Bran

NBMC Added Link:
Adopting An Aussie
Plus More Info On This Breed

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to Go! Lynn, Sufi & Bran---Diane, Ketchum & Chloe say GO TEAM. Keep us posted on all of the excitment. Looks like the practice gear is coming in handy!

Thu Sep 14, 08:09:00 PM MDT  

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