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 -- Welcome To Kostman Layaway --
When you choose a layaway at Kostman's you are getting one of the easiest and cost effective ways to buy. Here are some reasons to do a layaway. (1) When you layaway an item there is no credit check, so no one is looking into your private accounts. (2) You pay no interest charges. You only pay the cost of the item you are buying. (3) At Kostman's, you also get free shipping*, so again, you are only paying the cost of the item.

-- How Layaway Works --
When you start a layaway this is what happens.
(1) You start by paying just $25.00 towards your purchase. This can be done by a credit or debit card, by regular PayPal, PayPal eCheck, your personal or business check or a money order. If you want to pay the first $25 payment by a check or money order look below for our mailing address. The $25.00 is applied as a payment towards the total of your purchase as long as you pay in full by 120 days. So, if your purchase is $350.00, then after the $25.00 payment you would then have a balance of $325.00 left to pay.

(2) You then have up to 120 days to finish paying for your item. You can pay any amount at anytime. You decide how much and when. The only thing to remember is to pay off your item by the 120 days. If for any reason you are unable to pay completely by the 120 days, all your money paid minus the original $25.00 will be refunded to you and the layaway ended. You can then re-start a new layaway anytime by following the steps on this page. All payments after that first $25.00 one shown in step (1) above are made by check or money order by postal mail to our business address linked below.

(3) During a layaway, the business that you are buying from holds the layaway item until that item is paid for in full, When you complete the layaway by paying in full, the item is then yours and it is shipped to you. Each time you make a payment, you get a receipt showing how much you have paid and how much is left to pay.

(4) At Kostman's, as soon as you pay your layaway in full as in section (3) above, we ship your item to you. Your shipping address MUST be a daytime and weekday (Monday to Friday) location where you can sign for your item. This is to help in seeing that it is you that gets your item and not someone else. If you work during the daytime and on weekdays as above, you will need to give us your work address as your shipping address. If you do give us your work address for shipping, be sure to also tell us details such as: what building or department you work in, etc. This way the delivery person can find you.

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*Shipping and handling are free in the Continental United States of America. Some shipping charges apply outside the Continental USA. The shipping charge outside the Continental USA will be assessed and you will be notified at the completion of your layaway.

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