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Due to some chargebacks
on the Internet,
no longer takes full payments
by credit or debit cards.
to purchase your item
send check or money order to:
Octagon Empire Co.
431 Park Ave
Shelby MT

Be sure to include the make and model
plus, the price that includes any options
you want when you send your payment.
Also, be sure to include your full name,
email address, phone and shipping address.
Your shipping address MUST be a place
where you can sign for your laptop in the
daytime on weekdays. That could be for
example, your home or where you work,
but not Sundays. If you use your work
address be sure that the delivery person
is able to find you. Such as, if you work in
a certain building or department, etc. give us
that info.

Print this page or copy and paste this text
into note pad. You can also come back
to this page by clicking any of the "Order"
buttons where you where shoppping.

You can close this page and it will take
you back to where you where shopping.
That way you can get the order info.
Thank you for shopping Kostman's
The Octagon Empire Co.
Our 32nd Year

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Last modified on Saturday, February 21, 2009