Valier, Montana
-Fire Training-

Sept. 17th
Headed up by, Butch Weedon, the MSU extention "Quick Intervention" fire emergency training began Tuesday, Sept. 17th and continued Wednesday and Thursday. Local, as well as Cut Bank and Conrad firefighters, received crack training on how to respond faster to fire emergencies and new ways to address those deadly fires. All evening Tuesday, they drilled to improve their response. On Wednesday, the firefighters, from rookies to pros fine tuned their response and approach, then on Thursday, these great volunteers had a chance to do a full dress rehearsal of all the new proceedures. A mock fire emergency was staged in and around a high tech training van. Amoung the special training was: new ways to pinpoint hot spots in structures and quickly suppress them; coordinating radio contact, including, that between various counties or agencies and advanced fire safety. Check back for more photos... Pictured below, Butch Weeden addresses the troops.
Newz Blast photo

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